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Griselda Pollock 讀書會

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以下文章僅供學術交流 for academic and research purposes only



    Griselda Pollock 讀書會(2009年)@中央研究院歐美所






Griselda Pollock, ‘Art/Trauma/Representation’, parallax, 15:1 (2009), pp. 40-54.

(09-26) Art,Trauma, Representation.pdf

Bracha Ettinger, ‘Art as the Transport Station of Trauma’, in Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger, Artworking 1985-1999 (Ghent: Ludion, 2000), pp. 91-116.

(09-26) Bracha Ettinger_Art as the Transport Station of Trauma.pdf


Griselda Pollock, ‘Dialogue with Julia Kristeva’, parallax, 4:3 (1998), pp. 5-16.

(09-26) dialogue with kristeva.pdf



Griselda Pollock, Generations and Geographies: Critical Theories and Critical Practices in Feminism and the Visual Arts (London: Routledge, 1996).

Preface (vii- xx)

(10-24) generation_preface.pdf

Ch 1: ‘The politics of theory: generations and geographies in feminist theory and the histories of art histories’, pp. 3-21.

(10-24) generation_ch 1.pdf



Griselda Pollock, Differencing the Canon: Feminist Desire and the writing of art’s Histories of Art (London: Routledge, 1999). 

         Preface (vii- xvii)

(11-28) canon_preface.pdf

Ch 1: ‘About canons and culture wars’, pp. 3-22.

(11-28) canon_ch 1.pdf

Ch 2: ‘Differencing: feminism’s encounter with the canon’, pp. 23-38.

(11-28) canon_ch 2.pdf



Griselda Pollock, ‘The Image in Psychoanalysis and the Archaeological Metaphor’, in G Pollock, ed. Psychoanalysis and the Image (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2006)

(12-12) The Image in Psychoanalysis and the Archaeological Metaphor.pdf

Griselda Pollock, ‘What the graces mead me do…time, space and the archive: Questions of feminist method’, Encounters in the Virtual Feminist Museum: Time, Space and the Archive (London: Routledge, 2007), pp. 9-25.

(12-12) Questions of feminist method (with image).pdf



Griselda Pollock, ‘Mary Kelly’s Ballad of Kastriot Rexhepi: Virtual Trauma and Indexical Witnessing in the Age of Mediatic Spectacle’, Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image, ed. Griselda Pollock and Antony Bryant (London: I B Tauris, 2009). 18

(12-26) Mary Kelly's Ballad of Kastriot Rexhepi.pdf

Griselda Pollock, ‘Not Forgetting Africa: the Dialectics of Attention/Inattention...in the Work of Alfredo Jaar’, in Nicole Schweizer, ed. Alfred Jaar: La Politique des Images (Lausanne: Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts, 2007).

(12-26) Not forgetting Africa.pdf




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